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April 28, 2009

Install SCCM Client on 64bit servers

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We need to run ccmsetup.exe instead of msxml6_x64.exe to install SCCM client on Windows 2008 Server 64 bit machines.

After installation (It will not give any wizard, background installation) check in control panel ->View 32 bit control panel Items. Here we can see configuration manager. And we need to wait some time to reflect client status YES and Approved in SCCM server. (Just run update membership collection from server)


April 6, 2009

Recover hard delete mails

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How can we recover deleted mails if it is shift delete ( hard delete)

Yes we can able to restore 🙂 how …..? 

This task has to perform from Client machine.

All deleted mails  can recover from MS Outllok–> Tools–>Recover deleted items except shift delete mails.

To get this you need to edit registry. ( care full… you must take a backup of registry before make any changes)

Regedt32 –-> Hkey-Local-Machine–> Software–>Microsoft–> Exchange–>Client–>Option–> Right click–>new Dword Value–>type DumpsterAlwaysOn–> Give value1 (choose hexadecimal)

Restart Outlook 

Go to Tools–>Recover deleted items–>here could see the deleted mail.






Bulk Mailbox Quota Settings

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Hi All,

How to enable mailbox limit to more people at a time? We can enable by right clicking an user from EMC. But it will be very difficult if you want to do the same steps to 3000 people…..yes i got the same kind of an asignment. How to do this??

Very simple !!

Copy all the aliases to a text file ( Can export from Exchange Management Console)

Open–>Exchange Management Shell and use the following command.

Get-content D:\alias.txt | get-mailbox | set-mailbox -IssueWarningQuota 230400KB -ProhibitSendQuota 256000KB -usedatabasequotadefaults:$false



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