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June 11, 2009

SCCM Client machines are not gettting updates throguh SCCM 2007


We have centerl Server  and three primary servers. I was trying to deploy june month patches to clients.  Clients under received windows updates with out any issue. But clients under primary2 and primary3 servers didn’t received updates.

Troubleshoot steps

try to telent  from central server 80 ( I was able to telnet) 80 ( I am uanble to telnet) 80 ( I am uanble to telnet)

So the issue figure it out that ports were blocked from central server to child server.  Port 445 and port 80 (or your custom ports) is used to communicate between a parent server with a wsus to a child server with wsus.

I had similar experiance in last month. That time clients under didn’t receive updates. I did some research and find out that Management Point was not working on that priamry server . Once i removed the MP role and add it back it start getting updates.

If you have issue like few of the clients not recieving updates you also need to check the below steps  from your failed computer

gpedit.msc  —> Computer configuration—>Administrative Templates—>Windows Components–>Windows Updates—>specify intranet microsoft update service location—> check the servername and port number. Try to telent from client to that server with port. If you are not able to connect means open that port from client to server




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