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May 18, 2010

SCCM 2007 reporting is not working

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When i try to generate report from SCCM 2007 server it’s throwing below error and i was not in a position to generate any report

Report Name: Compliance 1 – Overall Compliance
Category: Software Updates – A. Compliance
Comment: This report returns the overall compliance data for an Update List.
Parameters: Update List ID (Required) ScopeId_000330B9-1284-4982-89B8-D1B64A7561F2/AuthList_5E0CBA68-7C8F-4AE7-8849-18EBABAE5F44
Collection ID (Required) SMS000ES 

 Compliance 1 – Overall Compliance
An error occurred when the report was run. The details are as follows:
The specified schema name “webreport_approle” either does not exist or you do not have permission to use it.
Error Number: -2147217900
Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
Native Error: 2760


Surely some thing wrong with “webreport_approle” in SQL server 2005.

What i did i went to SCCM database in SQL server 2005–> security–>Roles–>Application roles –> Webreport_approle –> properties–>Select webreport approle check box.

There was no permission on webreport_approle. And some how i don’t have any idea how this permission was removed!!

After that all the reports started working.


May 8, 2010

Asking credentials in Enterprise Vault 8.0 users

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Recently i got a chance to work with Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 ( Email archiving tool). After implementing this noticed that few of the users are getting credential window to give username and password to access their archived emails. It was annoying problem because who likes to give credential each time to access archive email


All the users are using internet through proxy server. What we did we bypass the EV communication and add EV server name and EV site name in IE properties–>Connections –> Lan settings—> Bypass proxy server–>Here we give and

And few of the users are not using proxy server. So add EV server name and site name in to Intranet –>Security tab–>Site–>Advanced.

That’s all. issue has been resolved

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