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March 13, 2011

NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator

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Happy to announce that i have passed the NCDA  ( NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator ) certification from NetApp. It’s a new challange for me to take care the Storage and Backup stuffs in my current company and from this experiance i have learned NetApp.Definitly certification will help to add more values in your profile.  Looking forward more challenges in Storage and Backup . In this blog you can see more posts in these technologies along with Exchange and other stuffs. 

For more information about NCDA please visit below links


March 1, 2011

Access denied error while renewing Exchange 2007 certificate

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we had faced this access denied issue when we tried to renew Exchagne 2007 certificate. The error was showing below

I login as Administrator and i am sure i have all the access in Domain and Exchange

After searching we have found that the solution.

On the “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA folder” folder go ahead and right click, properties, security.

Now for the exchange administrators I’m sure you already will see full permissions, but go ahead and click advanced, under permissions for the administrators first make sure it says “‘this folder, subfolders and files” and not “‘this folder only” and finally go ahead and check the box at the bottom that says replace permissions on all child objects just to make sure the sub folders are currently set properly.

Ahh. After this i am able to renew the certificate. Please see the below screen shot

Exchangegeek from has a great post on how to renew the Exchange 2007 certificate here

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