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July 2, 2011

McAfee Email Gateway- How to release emails from outbound queue

Filed under: Exchange 2007,McAfee Email Gateway ( Ironamil) — Akther @ 10:10 pm

Couple of days back i could see that so much emails are in outbound queue in our SMTP gateway ( McAfee Securemail, formerly ironmail) due to an issue. Who ever worked on this securemail gateway they know’s we cannot release the email at a time. We need to pause the SMTPO queue then need to select the domain and release one by one.

I was searching how can we release all the emails in queue ? the answer is..

Telnet to the box and apply below commands ( This gateway is in DMZ zone and you have to open the port numbers in in your firewall to telnet to the box)

Securemail > Reset message smtpo

If you are trying to release all the emails at a time your Exchange server should accept all emails at a time.. By default 20 connections will allow for the domain. To see and edit this settings go to Hub Transport server–> Exchange Management Console –> Server configuration–>Hub Transport –> Double click the Hub transport server name –>

I had changed from 20 to 50 to accept more emails to our domain because i could see that more emails are in ready to deliver to domain.

Exchange version is 2007



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