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August 1, 2011

Can’t add a disk from filer view or disk assign command in NetApp filer

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I have to add a disk from spare pool in NetApp filer and we have only 2 disks in spare pool. NetApp recommends to keep two disks in spare pool. But we required space and we were trying to add one disk in to aggr to get some space there

I tried by using filer view first. but it’s saying you the number of spare disk is too little and you can’t add this disk in to existing Aggr. The screen shot is below


Ok, thought to  try from CLI

Login to the filer.

FAS2050B*> disk assign 0c.00.12
FAS2050B*> Mon Aug  1 13:55:53 GMT [FAS2050B: HTTPPool04:warning]: HTTP XML Authentication failed from
Mon Aug  1 13:55:53 GMT [FAS2050B: diskown.RescanMessageFailed:warning]: Could not send rescan message to FAS2050B. Please type disk show on the console of FAS2050B for it to scan the newly inserted disks.

Again it’s failed to add disk from spare pool by using disk assign command

Then i had tried by using aggr add command it was successfull. So just thought to share this experiance to all and hope it will helpfull for some one.

FAS2050B > aggr add aggr0 -d 0c.00.12

Then check the spare pool. Only 1 disk is available now..

FAS2050B> vol status -s

Pool1 spare disks (empty)

Pool0 spare disks

RAID Disk       Device          
Spare disks for block

spare           0c.00.14       

Note : We can change the minimum spare pool disk quantity by issuing below command, but i didn’t tried it.

options raid.min_spare_count <number of spares>


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