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October 13, 2011

New Message Tracking featuer in Exchange 2010

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The intention to write this post is the new enhanced feature of Exchange 2010 Message tracking . There was an issue in one of the user ( Erwin). he is sending emails to his colleage   (Marwin) in same organization and Marwin is not receiving his mails. And Erwin is not receiving any NDR. Definitly there will be a rule to point to any of the sub folder but not sure.

Service desk team said they have checked Marwin inbox and can’t find the email from Erwin. So i checked from server and have seen the below screen shot.

Go to Hub Transport Server–> Exchange Management Console–> Tool box–> Message Tracking–> click Mail control-> Delivery reports


Mails are  there in Marwin inbox under folder name called Erwin. Just asked help desk team to verify is there any folder called Erwin in Marwin outlook inbox . They have find and it was under Deleted Items folder. That’s the reason he can’t see any of the emils.

Just want to emphasise on this new feature because in Exchange 2007 server we can just track emails which is being send by user to whom and what time and date. New 2010 feature even giving where this particular mail is residing in user inbox.


Free Enterprise Vault Training

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Just have seen in Symantec Tech center and thought to share to al of you. It will give you an over all idea about different EV versions and functionalities.

Definitly it will be usefull who want to know more abou EV

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