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January 30, 2012

NetApp Quotas- How to implement in Windows Enviornment

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We have implemented NetApp Quotas in  current enviornment recently. I was planning to write a blog post since long time about how can we implement NetApp Quotas in windows enviornment. I hope it would help some one who want to implement Quotas in Netapp.

There are three types of Quotas in NetApp.

1. User  – User quota can apply to volume or qtree. ( its helpfull to setup a home folder concept in Windows Active Directory/NetApp)

2. Group – Group Quota can only apply in Unix system. In Windows domain envoiornment it won’t support.

3.Tree – Quota can apply to volume or Qtree.

Below are the 3 types of quotas we can setup

In our infrastrucure scenario we have given quota to each department depends on there current data size . We enabled CIFS to store department datas in Netapp.

Apart from Qtree level quota’s we had applied user level quota’s in conjuction with Active Directory. This post i already published in here

In this article we can see who we can set Quota for Qtrees

First create a volume and Qtree before apply the Quota. Below screenshots can tell you how we can create these. Go to filer view–>Volumes–>Add

Seect Flexible volume

Give Volume name

You must have enough space in Aggregrate before creating volumes

Give the size of the volume. I selected total space and 10% given to snap shot

Click–> Commit


Creating Qtree

Select the volume from drop down menu and given the name for Qtree.

Creating Quotas for Qtreee

Once you created the Qtree we can go ahead and apply the quota for each department.

Select Tree to apply quota for Volume/Qtree.

Select the volume ( in our case its projects)

Select the Qtree ( Engineering in this case)

Here you can specify the space limit to apply Quota.

Soft limt – It will throw warning message in console once it reached

Hard Limit – This is the limit where users will get error message once 30 GB reached.

Last step. Once you created Quotas you have to make it ON from Edit Rules

Dont forget to create CIFS shares if department want to see in UNC path.


January 12, 2012

EV Icons are not showing in Outlook 2007

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After installing EV client (9.0) outlook addins  in outlook 2007  there is no icons are showing like below . And user cannot open Archived emails with attachments.

Why above EV icons are not showing in outlook toolbar?

Symantec introduced a utility called ResetEVClient.exe with the release of Enterprise Vault 7.0 onawrds. This utility is included on the user’s workstation when the client extensions are installed (\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVClient).



How to run ResetEVClient.exe
1. Close out of Outlook
2. Double-click on ResetEVClient.exe
3. Restart Outlook
Common Client Problems resolved by ResetEVClient.
– No Enterprise Vault toolbar icons in Outlook
– Enterprise Vault forms not showing in Outlook
– Archive Explorer is not showing the folder structure correctly
After run the ResetEVClient.exe utility all the EV icons could able to see in user outlook.


January 8, 2012

Home Folder Creation in NetApp and Active Directory

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Happy New Year to all readers. Hope this year will bring more happy and health to all of us.

I am going to help you people who is looking for the Home folder solution which integrate with Active Dirctory and NetApp storage in Windows domain enviornment.

Active Directory Domain  –> Windows 2008 AD

NetApp Storage–> FAS 270

Normal Users required 1 GB and Power Users required 2 GB

First Step

Create two volumes in NetApp ( Volume creation is not part of this article). One for normal users and another for power users

Second Step

Create CIFS share for these two volumes.

We have given sharename as Normal Users$, It will be hidden and this share will not available if user browse \\filername

Third Step

Enable Home Directories in NetApp

While entering hme directory path volume name should enter as case sensitive.

Restrict users to see other users home directories

By default no one able to access other users hoem folders, but they will be list access to these folders if they browse \\filername\normalUsers$.

In order to restrict this we can apply below commands from filer command prompt

 FAS270> cifs shares cifs.homedir -accessbasedenum

once you apply this you will receive below error when user trying to browse the other user home directories

4th Step

Map this share location in Active Directory. Go to Active Directory users and computers–>select user–> properties–>profile tab–> Home Folder

 After this users can see home folder in their computer as home folder ( need to log off the machine)

 Last Step

Apply Quota for each user. Normal user 1 GB and power user 2 GB

– Login to Filer View of Netapp Filer

–      Add Quota –> Select user as quota type–> and select the volume

Give domain name\ username

Soft Limit – 800 MB ( can see warning in console if user exceed this limit)

Hard Limit – 1 GB ( users cant save if they reach 1 GB)

Click Next–> Commit

That’s it. We have configured Home directories to end users through Netapp storage. Do let me know you need any more help to achieve this task



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