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May 27, 2012

Dell PowerVault MD 1000 Storage – WalkThrough

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I have got a chance to configure Dell MD 1000 DAS ( Direct Attach Storage) Array recently. Would like to point out few of the features  and other stuffs here about this wonderful product.






This storage is usefull if you want more storage space and you dont have enough budget to roll out a iSCSI or FCP storage infrastrucutre.

– Contains 15 drives ( SAS or SATA) can be able to expand up to 45 disks ( The enclosure can be daisy-chained with up to two additional enclosures)

– There are two modes in this storage , below are the short description

Unified Mode

In unified mode, a SAS host ( Server) can communicate with up to 15 drives in the enclosure via a single EMM, or
up to 45 drives in three enclosures daisy chained together.

Split Mode

In split mode, the enclosure is split into two virtual groups, with up to eight consecutive drives (slots 7-14) controlled by the primary (left) EMM. The remaining drives (slots 0-6) are controlled by the secondary (right) EMM. That means we can assign one group in to one host and another in to second host. Splitting the storage space.











You must select either mode using the enclosure mode switch on the front panel of the enclosure before powering on. If you are setting mode after power on need to reboot the enclosure again.






– There are two ports on the rear side of enclosure. These ports are using either to connect to host ( server) or to expand the enclosure.

In Port : Provide SAS connection for cabling to host ( server) or next upchain expansion enclosure (unified mode only).

Out Port : Provide SAS connection for cabling to the next downchain expansion enclosure in a daisy chain
(unified mode only).




Enclosure Alarm : An audible alarm will be activate if any of the following component fail. It will sounds continusoly. If an any non critical errors then the alarm sounds every 10 seconds.

a) Two or more fan blowers have failed or a power supply/cooling fan module is not installed.

b) One or more temperature sensors are in critical range.



May 13, 2012

MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) has back to the arena

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We all knew that how much impact had created by Microsoft MCSE  certification in IT industry in  1990’s on wards. It was started with WIndows NT and continued untill windows 2003 OS. Many of the people took this certifiaction including me to leverage the skill sets and to impress the potential employers. 

After the release of Windows 2008 the new certification called MCTIP came in to the picture and they pull back the MCSE certification which was the most recognized certifiation in IT industry.

Now Microsoft officially declared that MCSE certification is coming back. But it’s in cloud technology. See what they are saying from below link

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