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June 11, 2012

RAID 5 reconfiguration in Dell Powervault MD1000 Storage


Currently 12 Hard Disk (SAS) are occupied in Storage box. We are going to add 3 more disks to increase the capacity of existing virtual disk ( It’s a DAS box )

Existing virtual disk contains 5 Hard disk. And 2 more going to add to increase  some space. i.e reconfiguring existing RAID-5

Steps need to taken

Insert disks in to Storage box physically. Once it insert we can see this disk status is ready. ( If you see disk status Foreign please refer below link to troubleshoot 

Click Virtual Disk






Then select the Virtual disks that you want to re configure RAID 5 ( increase space)




Click Reconfigure from drop down list








Then we can see the newly inserted disk there in left side and add these disks in to virtual disk ( in our case we added 2 disks)

Next step we need to choose the RAID level . ( Our case existing is  RAID-5 but we can change to RAID6 or RAID O here)




Next screen we can see the previous and current disk numbers and size. Disk 12 and 13 are the new disks. See the size as well









Once it confirmed click ok . it will take hours to complete the RAID re configuration. Once it complete successfully you can see the new space in virtual disk.

Next Step

You could able to see this disk in windows host (disk management ) as unallocated.



If it’s windows 2008 R2 server then you can extend that disk just right click and extend. Other wise you have to use Diskpart command line utility to extend





Disk Part

Here is the example below how we can use Diskpart to extend the disk from command line ( below screenshot is not for this particular post. For this i have extended disk from Disk Management GUI)


















Now we can see the extended disk space in Disk Managment



Hope this post has been informative for you. Thanks







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