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August 11, 2011

How to backup Brocade SAN Switch configuration

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you have to take SAN switch backup regularly especially if you are making changes continuously.It will save your life in case any disaster happens on SAN switch. In this article i am describing how we can achieve this in one of the Brocade SAN switch.

We need a FTP server to take backup of SAN Switch. I have an IIS server and acting as a FTP server as well. You can use any of the free ftp software to do this. And the backup will be storing at E:\FTP folder

Now access the CLI of switch and run the configupload command

SANSwitch1:admin> configupload

Protocol (scp or ftp) [ftp]:

Server Name or IP Address [host]:

User Name [user]: administrator

File Name [config.txt]:


upload failed: Could not connect to remote host.

I have received this error,  upload failed: Could not connect to remote host.

Then i was searching why it’s failing. Found in Brocade forum that if we given username Anonymous and password Anonymous it will work. Tried this and it work fine

SANSwitch1:admin> configupload

Protocol (scp or ftp) [ftp]:

Server Name or IP Address [host]:

User Name [user]: anonymous

File Name [config.txt]: SAN_sWITCH_BACKUP_11082011


Upload complete

You can see the backup file in your FTP server installed computer home directory.


May 5, 2011

Useful Brocade SAN Switch Commands

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If you are managing Fiber channel storage enviornment definitly the below commands will be helpfull. I am writing in this article  few of the importent brocade switch commands for your quick referrence.

1. cfgshow   > To view all defined zone configuration information

2. fabricshow   > Can see which brocade switches are connected in to fabric

3. supportshow   > This will collect detailed diagnostic information about switch. It’s a long list command and i am putting only first part.

SANSwitch2:admin> supportshow
Wed Feb 16 06:43:42 UTC 2011

Kernel:     2.4.19
Fabric OS:  v5.0.1d
Made on:    Fri Oct 21 21:26:26 2005
Flash:     Wed Jan 11 05:05:04 2006
BootProm:   4.5.2

supportshow groups enabled:
os         enabled
exception  enabled
port       enabled
fabric     enabled
services   enabled
security   enabled
network    enabled
portlog    enabled
system     enabled
extend     disabled
filter     disabled
perfmon    disabled
ficon      disabled

time          task       event  port cmd  args
Mon Feb 14 13:58:42 2011
13:58:42.613  FSSK       event    0   16 00020000,00000000,00000000,COMP
13:58:42.759  FSSK       cmd      0   16 00000000,00000000,00000000,TAKE
13:58:43.175  FSSK       event    0   16 00000000,00000000,00000000,ACTI
13:58:43.177  FSSK       cmd      0   16 00020000,00000000,00000000,TAKE
13:58:43.344  PORT       debug   16       deadce99,00000000,000003ea,00000005
13:58:44.417  PORT       debug   16       deadce99,00000000,00000005,000003e9
13:58:44.703  PORT       debug   16       deadce99,00000000,000003e9,000003e8

4. Configshow   > This will help you to identify the configuration of a new brocade switch once implementation completed.

5. configupload   > To save the configuration file to remote host by using ftp

6. zoneshow   > To view the zone configuration ( similar to cfgshow)

7. zonehelp   > view the various zoning related commands

8. cfgenable   > To enable the zone configuration

9. cfgsave   > save zone configuration in flash

10. zonecreate   > To create a zone

11. zonedelete   > To delete a zone

12. zoneremove   > removea member from zone

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