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July 2, 2009

How to check scavenging is working or not in DNS Server

What is scavenging in DNS Server?

Removing stale records from DNS database based on the refresh interval and no-refresh interval settings in Aging tab.

How to configure Scavenging in DNS Server?

Properties of the zone—> Aging Tab—> select the box scavenge stale resource record. and configure the proper refresh interval and no refresh interval.

For example: Refresh Interval – 7 days.

No-refresh interval – 8 dyas.   In this case scavenging will happen every 15 days.

How to find out Scavenging is working properly or not?

Check the Event ID 2501 in Event viewr. In this id you can see the status of scavenging.


Please note that if you create a DNS record on the console manually and this record will not be eligible for scavenging process. However if a client sends a dynamic update (or maybe the DHCP server) for the record you created manually, the record will become a dynamic record.

For manual creted record there will not be any time stamp.

no time stamp


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