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March 1, 2012

Exporting Enterprise Vault mails to PST

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If you have Enterprise vault enviornment in your organization definilty people will come to you and ask how can i export my emails in to PST when he is leaving the company. Or some cituation that from EV server you have to export users email in to PST. I am going to show you how we can do this in Enterprise Vault 9.0

Open EV Administration Console –> Go to EV Site–> Archive –> Right Click –> Export





Click Export  Archives to PST Files










Select List all available Archives










Select the user you want to export emails to PST










Select Export all items to root folder and type /










Browse where you want to keep this PST




















































Once it finish you can give this PST file in to user and he can attach this PST in to outlook later.


January 12, 2012

EV Icons are not showing in Outlook 2007

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After installing EV client (9.0) outlook addins  in outlook 2007  there is no icons are showing like below . And user cannot open Archived emails with attachments.

Why above EV icons are not showing in outlook toolbar?

Symantec introduced a utility called ResetEVClient.exe with the release of Enterprise Vault 7.0 onawrds. This utility is included on the user’s workstation when the client extensions are installed (\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVClient).



How to run ResetEVClient.exe
1. Close out of Outlook
2. Double-click on ResetEVClient.exe
3. Restart Outlook
Common Client Problems resolved by ResetEVClient.
– No Enterprise Vault toolbar icons in Outlook
– Enterprise Vault forms not showing in Outlook
– Archive Explorer is not showing the folder structure correctly
After run the ResetEVClient.exe utility all the EV icons could able to see in user outlook.


November 30, 2011

Restore Enterprise Vault Databases when EV Database server crashed

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Last week our MS SQL Database  Server had severe hardware issues and it was down and can’t boot.  The Enterprise vault 9.0 databases are contains in this server. So none of the users cannot open archived emails because there is no database connectivity with EV.

We are regularly taking backup of these databases by using  Symantec Netbackup 7.0 version. So we need to do a restore from Netbackup server to another SQL server. In a nutshell EV disaster recover y has to perform. Yes we have done this activity successfully and i would like to share that experience with you all.


Enterprise vault server 9.0 – Installed on Windows 2008 R2 server

MS SQL 2008 R2

Symantec Net backup 7.0

 Activities performed

Prepared new server for MS SQL Database with same name and Ip addres

  1. Installed Windows 2008 Server Ent R2 OS in server
  2. Installed SQL 2008 Server Enterprise R2 Edition
  3. Installed Office 2007
  4. Installed EV client
  5. Mount disks from Netapp ( Space taken from Netapp storage)
  6. Patched and installed all the basic software’s and Antivirus
  7. Installed NetBackup agent
  8. Given the Evadmin (EV service account)  local admin and SQL sys admin permission
  9. IIS and .net installed
  10. Name, IP and versions are same as the old server

Now the Database server is ready for restore. Below screenshot  is taken from Netbackup server. I will list which order we have to restore all the database.

Stop the EV services from EV server before start restoring

  1. Restore from Netbackup server –>Backup archive GUI–> Select the EV server
  2. First restore –> Directory DB
  3. Then —>Audit DB
  4. Then–> Monitoring DB
  5. Evsite–> EV Vault store Group–>EV Vault store DB Mangers ( we have managers vault store)
  6. Evsite –> EV Vault store Group–> EV Vault store DB users ( we have users vault store)
  7. Manager Partition (Evsite–>EV vault storage group–>V Vault store–>All Partition–>Open partitio
  8. User Partition (Evsite–>EV vault storage group–>EV Vault store–>All Partition–>Open partition
  9. Reinstall EV application ( to sync /update EV binaries) –>RunEVsetup.exe. It wont affect y0ur EV server

Now users can able to open the archived emails.

November 2, 2011

Cannot open EV mails internally

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One of the user complaints that he cannot open EV archived mails. He is trying to access mails from inside the office. Error was given below.

When i checked the DNS entry in client machine we can see that wrong DNS configuration created issue. it’s rectified and resolved the issue.

Below article helped me to solve this issue



October 13, 2011

Free Enterprise Vault Training

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Just have seen in Symantec Tech center and thought to share to al of you. It will give you an over all idea about different EV versions and functionalities.

Definitly it will be usefull who want to know more abou EV

July 17, 2011

Symantec Certified Specialist in NBU and EV

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I am happy to share the joy to all of you that i have got two Symantec certificates under my belt.  Both these technologies i am working quiet some time and It’s in my radar some time. Finally achieved.

1. Symantec Certified Specialist – Netbackup 7.0 for Windows

2. Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.0 for Exchange Server

I am gonna to put these logos in to my shelf…. Thanks for the support from the colleagues and friends especially Rafeeq, Sameer, Gulzar, Ricky, Felipe and Joeriz to acheive these honour.



May 8, 2010

Asking credentials in Enterprise Vault 8.0 users

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Recently i got a chance to work with Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 ( Email archiving tool). After implementing this noticed that few of the users are getting credential window to give username and password to access their archived emails. It was annoying problem because who likes to give credential each time to access archive email


All the users are using internet through proxy server. What we did we bypass the EV communication and add EV server name and EV site name in IE properties–>Connections –> Lan settings—> Bypass proxy server–>Here we give and

And few of the users are not using proxy server. So add EV server name and site name in to Intranet –>Security tab–>Site–>Advanced.

That’s all. issue has been resolved

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