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December 9, 2012

Hyper-V and VHD’s

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VHD’s provide storage for virtual machines and are stored on physical media as .VHD files.

While creating a new virtual machine we can create VHD’s or can select existing VHD’s which we already created or used. Or we can add a VHD later and can complete the VM creation wizard.

OK. Now i want to give  an additional drive or partition to this VM.

1) Create a VHD from hyper-v console.

2)Attach that VHD from Hyper-V snap-in of VM as additional hard disk from IDE controller 0 or add as second IDE controller, Then add hard drive. ( snapshot below)

3) Or we can add additional SCSI controller from hyper-v settings if IDE controller 0 and 1 are fully used. To do this click add hardware and select SCSI controller

4)Once you add you can see physical disk option. Select disk from drop down list ( this disk should be offline in disk management of hyper-v host server. Other wise we cannot see the disk in this console)

These are the two method we can assign disks to VM’ from hyper-v console of the Hyper-v server. To add any hardware VM must be shutdown. Or from SAN you can directly map the hard disks in to VM’s by using iSCSI initiator in windows.

Adding VHD’s as additional hard disks ( IDE controller)





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August 11, 2012

Usefull P2V Migration tool – Disk2vhd

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Disk2Vhd is a realy nice tool if you are looking to migrate physical server to virtual. It’s a free  tool from Microsoft. Can be download from below link














No need to install this tool. Just double click the exe and select the disks which you want to include.

This tool will take the snapshot of the system ( by using VSS) and create a VHD. We can import this VHD in to Hyper-V. Nice things is we could able to run this tool while system is in online.

Try it in Lab first then  migrate production servers. We have done couple of servers migrated in to Hyper-V.

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