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July 13, 2011

McAfee Email Gateway 6.7.2 new look

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Yesterday we had upgraded McAfee Email Gateway ( formerly ironmail) from 6.7.1 to 6.7.2. Just thought to share  the new look of this beautiful Antispam/Gateway device and some of the new features as well.

New look of Dash board

Can get it the new features from below link

Release Notes




July 2, 2011

McAfee Email Gateway- How to release emails from outbound queue

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Couple of days back i could see that so much emails are in outbound queue in our SMTP gateway ( McAfee Securemail, formerly ironmail) due to an issue. Who ever worked on this securemail gateway they know’s we cannot release the email at a time. We need to pause the SMTPO queue then need to select the domain and release one by one.

I was searching how can we release all the emails in queue ? the answer is..

Telnet to the box and apply below commands ( This gateway is in DMZ zone and you have to open the port numbers in in your firewall to telnet to the box)

Securemail > Reset message smtpo

If you are trying to release all the emails at a time your Exchange server should accept all emails at a time.. By default 20 connections will allow for the domain. To see and edit this settings go to Hub Transport server–> Exchange Management Console –> Server configuration–>Hub Transport –> Double click the Hub transport server name –>

I had changed from 20 to 50 to accept more emails to our domain because i could see that more emails are in ready to deliver to domain.

Exchange version is 2007


January 15, 2011

Secure Mail/Email Gateway: How Can we Block Mail from Entire Subnet?

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We are using McAfee Securemail 6.7.1 version as our Email Gateway. We replaced Edge Transport server to handle Spam filetering efficiantly. And it’s a good product and we are using since long.

There is requirement to block email from entire subnet and we have to do it in Securemail. To do this we have to follow below steps.

From the admin console: ( GUI)

1.Click the Anti-Spam tab.

2.Navigate to Anti-Spam Advanced, Deny List, Local Deny List.

3.Click Add New.

4.Go to the Add an IP address or subnet field and enter the subnet octets without the trailing dot.

For example, 66.177.104 would block IP addresses –
5.Click Submit.

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