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December 13, 2012

backup failed due to damaged tape in MS DPM 2010

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Found that backup job has failed and can see below error message in DPM console.






In tape library as well there was an amber light showing. Tried to re run the backup, did a inventory, rebooted the tape library, nothing worked. But when i login to the tape library GUI console through IE could see that below error.







This labeled tape removed from library and re run the backup job. Starts working fine.



June 2, 2012

MS DPM 2010 – First look

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It’s always good for an IT infrastructure person to know multiple Backup softwares. Yes, I too have a chance to get in touch with Microsoft DPM 2010. Here is my first look with DPM 2010. I hope i could be able to deliver more DMP blog post in coming days.

It’s purely designed for Microsoft Infrastructure. But cerain Linux flavours can be backup if it’s running in Hyper-V

DPM supports Disk, Tape and Cloud based Backup and Recovery

DPM can integrate with MS SCOM 2007

Supports Bare Metal Restore  ( Imaging)

A Single DPM 2010 Server can handle 80 TB per Server

DPM can backup 100 Servers

DPM can backup to 2000 SQL Databases

DPM is easy to setup and not complicated compared to Symantec NetBackup

Most importent it’s license scheme is very easy. If you buy DPM enterprise License you can backup MS SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint etc. While if it’s Netbackup we have to buy separate agent license. License wise DPM 2010 is inexpensive.

Some of the dis advantages i could see with this product is we can’tt take VmWare enviornment backup. And DPM will not support Granular recovery of single  Email from MS Exchange Server. Symantec will support both and we hope in later Microsoft will think about this.

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