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September 12, 2012

How to configure DCOM permissions for configuration manager console in SCCM 2007

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SCCM 2007 console has been installed to few of the of help desk team machine. But unable to open the console. below error was throwing while accessing.










Help desk users was not member of “SMS Admins” local group in SCCM server.

SMS Admins” group was not having WMI permission.

Solution .

Added helpdesk users to “SMS Admins” local group in SCCM server.

– Add “SMS Admins” group to DCOM security for “Launch and Activation Permissions” in SCCM server.
– Gave “Remote Activation” Permissions for “SMS Admins” group for DCOM.

Go to SCCM server -> RUN  -> dcomcnfg ->Component Services – >Right Click on My computer –>properties ->COM Security

Click on Edit Limits  under Launch and Activation Permission->add SMS Admins group from SCCM server .

Enable Local Lounge and Remote Activation

















Issue resolved.

Thanks to Jamshi who is my friend and colleague to help us to troubleshoot this issue.


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