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October 11, 2012

Dell MD3200i Installation

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In this article we will see how to provision a Dell 3200i iSCSI storage device in network.

This device is a dual controller and having 4 iSCSI ports each controller and 2 managment port for both controller. ( for managing device)

1. Rack Mount the device and connect power. It’s a 2u device and 12 bay slot to add hard disk.

2. Connect two cables from each managment port to one of the server Lan1 and Lan2. To do the initial configuration of storage. by default ip address of managment ports are and 102. Same subnet ip given to LAN1 and LAN2 of the servers.

Installed Dell resource media kit in server ( shipped with device). By using Dell Modular disk manager utility (MDSM) will do the initial configration.

3. Add Storage Array .

Open MDSM from management server where managment port are connected.








Below ip addresses are the default management port ip address. We are using out-of-band management method to configure the device. Out of band means using manament port for device managment.
















Once it added we can see the Array






Right click,  select Manage array to configure the device












Dash board of the device. In Setup tab you can configure password, iSCSI port ip address, Management port ip address etc













Assign ip address to iSCSI ports

Setup–>Configure iSCSI host ports
























As per your requirement from this window you can configure ip address to all iSCSI ports ( from drop down window)

Now the MD3200i is ready. In coming artilce we will see how to create a Disk Group, Virtual Disk and LUN


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