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April 27, 2011

Restore single email by using Symantec Netbackup for Exchange 2007

Symantec Netbackup is the powerfull tool that you can use to restore entire Information store, single mailbox and single mail as well. In our Datacenter we are using Netbackup to take the backup of entire servers. In this post i am writing how we can restore single email from Netbackup server.

Symantec Netbackup version : 7.0.1

Exchange Server : 2007 SP1 CCR

Definitly we should  have a full backup of mail boxes to resotre a single email or mail boxes.

Restore a single mail

Go to backup and Restore GUI

Select Full backup from the list

Select the user –> and select which email you want to restore. ( If we select user it will restore mailbox)

Then it will start restoration process.

The particular email could see in user inbox now.


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